For sale


We have no kittens for sale at the moment


This page is only to provide future buyers and other interested persons a visual image of the kittens. Their personality and mentality is highly individual and can not be expressed here. Questions are welcome via e-mail, but no bookings or sales, because we require a personal contact with each buyer. Naturally we wish our kittens a permanent home filled with love and lots of cuddle.

When you buy a kitten from us it will be:

* At least 14 weeks old

* Vaccinated twice against catflu/enteritis/cat herpes

* Dewormed if necessary

* ID-marked with a chip

* Pedigree from SVERAK (FIFe)

* Insured in IF as long as the kittens lives with us

* Insured in IF against hidden faults for 3 years

* Health certified by a veterinarian, with a certificate no more than 7 days old

* Socially prepared for a new home

With the kitten you'll receive it's Certified Pedigree, Proof of vaccination and the health certificate, certified by a veterinarian, insuring you that the kitten is healthy. You will also receive an information pamplet, toys and cat food.

After the kitten moved I'll always be at hand for every question you might have, just so that you and your new family member will get a long as good as possible!

Welcome with your inquiry!!